Artisan manufacturing of timpani mallets.
Our mallets are handcrafted with high quality materials.
German felt, Egyptian cotton, Cashmere wool, Natural Bamboo, Wood, Carbon, everything is skillfully hand finished to suit every need.
Our wide range of items, result of our twenty-years experience in the field, combined with the collaboration and approval of well-known timpanists like:

Rainer Seegers
(Berliner Philharmoniker)

David Searcy
(Filarmonica della Scala)

Nick Woud
(Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam)

Claudio Romano
(Orchestra sinfonica Nazionale della RAI)

On request, we can make personalized mallets.

Sticks manufacturing
Bamboo or any wood chosen for production of mallets is skillfully crafted.

Rough mallet is worked to eliminate imperfections in order to balance its weigth. The final touch is a protective polishing to preserve colour and quality through time.